Engineering, Information Security, and Technical Operations


Our engineering teams build our best-in-class consumer-facing financial protection marketplaces and power Policygenius' scale through fulfillment platforms and complex integrations. We deliver products and services using modern, experiment-driven processes on cross-functional teams together with Product, Design, and Data partners, with a focus on continuous improvement and value creation.

Who we are

Picture of Brad Wheel

Brad Wheel

Staff Engineer

This one time I...rode the New York City Century Tour and left with 9 miles to go just so I wouldn’t miss the Giants season opener.

Picture of Kfir Shay

Kfir Shay

Senior Platform Engineering Manager

This one time I...sailed from Israel to Turkey on a small sailboat with my father.

Picture of Vanessa Dean

Vanessa Dean

Senior Software Engineer

This one time I...had a tiny pet catfish named Edgar Allan Po' Boy.

Picture of Whitney Choo

Whitney Choo

Software Engineer

This one time I...touched a baby shark while swimming on a beach in Malaysia.

What we've been up to

Q: What's a typical day like in Engineering at Policygenius?

A: Engineers across our teams work on a wide range of products and technologies: dynamic, user-centered front-ends; a multifaceted, highly integrated CRM and fulfillment system that enables speed and quality for our customers; event-driven systems that are the backbone of automated workflows, integrations, and customer communications; a custom CMS delivering a wealth of financial content; and a data warehouse that powers strategic insights and customer value through our products. Engineers choose how to split their days or weeks between building/iterating on these products and pursuing technical initiatives to improve our own tools and practices.

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What we’re saying and doing

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Information Security

Information Security continues to build a best in class, risk-based security program to ensure that the personal data of Policygenius clients remains private and secured. We employ a DevSecOps mentality to make sure that security doesn’t slow down our partners across the company, and we are always shifting security left so that teams are empowered with knowledge and tools to help keep our environment safe.

Picture of Jessica Grider

Jessica Grider

Senior DevSecOps Engineer

This one time caught between a forest fire and a hurricane on Maui.

Picture of Paul Yoo

Paul Yoo

Manager, Governance, Risk, and Compliance

This one time I...helped unlock someone's truck by climbing through the small sliding rear window in the parking lot of a Denny’s at 4 in the morning

Picture of Rahil Parikh

Rahil Parikh

Application Security Lead

This one time I...flew multiple times from USA to India, as a broke college kid, to convince my then best friend – now wife – that we should start long distance dating.

Picture of Rob Sitro

Rob Sitro

Security Engineering Manager

This one time I..."played" basketball with Kyrie Irving.

What we've been up to

Q: What is the team most excited about in 2021?

A: We can’t wait to scale our team to better support and secure the business throughout 2021. We’re working hard to find agile folks to join our growing team!

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Technical Operations

The Technical Operations team serves as technology advisors to all departments at Policygenius. We utilize the latest technology to provide a reliable, secure, and best-in-class infrastructure, ensuring the business can operate as efficiently as possible.

Who We Are

Picture of Anton Revich

Anton Revich

IT Support Engineer

This one time I...went to a private exhibit in a museum and met ice-T and Coco (I have pics to prove it) and Dr. Ruth (more pics to prove it)!

Picture of Heidi Blake

Heidi Blake

IT Support Manager

This one time I...was hypnotized at a comedy club. I didn't do anything too crazy, but I definitely would not have tried to tap dance under normal circumstances!

Picture of Jon Puebla

Jon Puebla

Lead IT Project Manager

This one time I...had an inebriated Jeff Goldblum wish me a Happy New Year.

Picture of Tramaine George

Tramaine George

Senior IT Support Engineer

This one time I...photographed the Prince of Indie Rock.

What we've been up to

Q: What's been the team's most rewarding project so far?

A: At the start of 2020, we were working to transition our end users to an agile/mobile setup. We successfully moved users onto mobile devices and transitioned any on-prem infrastructure that could have become a larger blocker for the business. This project was completed the Friday prior to NYC's shutdown, which meant that our business was optimized for a worst-case scenario right out of the gate. There was ZERO downtime during this period.

What we’re saying and doing

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