Data, Business Intelligence, & Strategy

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The data team helps to drive growth through data-driven decision-making and algorithms. We help structure the data at Policygenius for self-service, utilize analytical and statistical processes for research and testing, and drive personalization and optimization through machine learning.

Who we are

Picture of Avi Stein

Avi Stein

Data Analyst

This one time I...woke up in a tent in the pacific ocean!

Picture of Barbara Stekas

Barbara Stekas

Data Scientist

This one time I...went scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef! It was incredible and completely worth the sea sickness.

Picture of Lily Chang

Lily Chang

Senior Data Engineer

This one time I...had to take care of a pig, a goat, two ducks, & a dozen chickens at my grandma's house. I almost drowned myself while fetching fish for ducks & got chased around by one of the ferocious hens.

Picture of Sebastian Garcia

Sebastian Garcia

Senior Data Scientist

This one time I...went to dance congresses across the country where it's 3-4 days straight of dancing from 9pm-6am, then waking up hours later to do workshops and classes and repeat.

What we've been up to

Q: What makes a member of the Data team successful?

A: Technical knowledge in their area of focus is key. Common characteristics we look for include velocity (completing work at a steady pace to keep up with a growing business), quality (avoiding invalid decision-making by doing good work), and product focus (ensuring both our internal and external clients have their needs for data and insights met).

What we're saying and doing

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Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence team uses data and analysis to solve business problems. We drive insights to action by providing our stakeholders with the right information at the right time.

Who We Are

Picture of D'Shai Hendricks

D'Shai Hendricks

Analytics Manager

This one time I...went to my first Jay Z concert (hip hop's GOAT) and nearly fainted when he popped up in front of me on stage. My friends laughed at me the whole ride home.

Picture of Michael Malhame

Michael Malhame

Analytics Manager

This one time I...sat next to Tyler, the Creator on a flight from Boston to LA and he gave me a signed album.

Picture of Patrick Bell

Patrick Bell

Analytics Associate

This one time I...stood in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany all at the same time.

Picture of Patrick Lin

Patrick Lin

Analytics Associate

This one time I...ditched my friends on vacation & traveled 18 hours from Cambodia to Blackpool, England to watch the world's biggest ballroom dance competition. Days later, I made a similarly long return journey to re-join my friends in Vietnam. Would not attempt again.

What we've been up to

Q: What makes a Business Intelligence team member successful?

A: We’re always looking for analytical thinkers with a curious mind who can both learn new technical skills and develop domain knowledge quickly with minimal oversight. Effective communication and collaboration skills are critical for success, as we handle requests from a wide range of stakeholders across all teams at the company.

Strategy & Business Operations

The Strategy & Business Operations function tackles the highest-impact business opportunities and challenges for the company. We balance problem-solving and process, think both strategically and tactically, and bring a deep understanding of the interplay between operations, marketing, product, strategy and analysis to help incubate new service lines and offerings to prepare them for scale.

Who We Are

Picture of Josephine van Leeuwen

Josephine van Leeuwen

Director of Business Operations & Strategy

This one time I...shouted "Oops!". Then I accidentally knocked over my beer. In that order.

Picture of Juliana Ortego

Juliana Ortego

Associate Director of Strategy and Business Operations

This one time I...did a four month solo backpacking trip from Patagonia to Honduras.

Picture of Michael Stapleton

Michael Stapleton

Associate Director of Strategy & Business Operations

This one time I...was asked by the president of Kids Voting USA to be a political commentator on the 2000 presidential elections on Disney Radio's Kid Talk with Dr. Mary.

What we've been up to

Q: What were the team's biggest accomplishments last year?

A: The Strategy & Business Operations team was instrumental in two key initiatives in 2020. First, we helped to incubate and launch our estate planning product. Second, we supported the continued rapid growth of our home & auto insurance business.