Will my car insurance work out of state?

Will my car insurance work out of state?


Okay, well, that’s it! Goodbye! See you later!

Ha ha ha, just kidding.

Anyway, yes, your car insurance will probably work across state lines. If you buy your car insurance from one of those major, nationwide car insurance companies, they’ll cover you in every state, even if they don’t actually sell car insurance products in every state. This is pretty standard.

Of course, you should always check with your car insurance company about the details of your policy. While most nationwide car insurance will cover you if you cross state lines, the details may change. If you frequently travel over state lines or you’re preparing for a big road trip, contact your car insurance company today.

Can you imagine planning for a long-distance road trip if you had to buy car insurance in every state you traveled through? It would be terrible. It would be literally the worst.

If you’re in another state and you’re renting a car, your personal policy will probably still cover any accident you get into in that car, as well. Really, as long as you’re in the United States or one of its many island territories, you’re probably fine.

You should also know that if you plan to move out of state, like, permanently, you need to buy a new car insurance policy. Add that to the list of things to do.

Here’s a cool thing that most car insurance companies do: if you’re in an accident in another state, and their minimum required insurance is higher than your state’s minimum required insurance, your car insurance company will automatically increase your insurance to meet the minimum at no additional cost.

If you’re the type of person who buys more car insurance than is legally required because you want to make sure you’re financially protected, first of all, congratulations, you’re the best. Second of all, you’ll never have to deal with that, so we’re sorry you miss out on that cool perk.

A cool perk you won’t miss out on: a lot of car insurance companies will cover you if you travel into Canada. This is pretty important for people who live along the northern border, as they often travel into Canada on the weekends for fun and cheap prescription drugs.

Interesting twist, though! Some car insurance companies won’t cover you if you travel into Mexico. Instead, you’ll have to purchase some Mexican car insurance if you want to travel south of the border.

If you want to drive even further and go on a little trip through South America, reliving Che Guevara’s famous motorcycle trip, but in a car instead? You’ll have to get car insurance in all of those countries, too. And a passport.

What if you want to outfit your car with a sail and take it out on the open sea? You’ll need boat insurance. This is the wrong article for you. I’m sorry.

Image: Stig Nygaard