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Published February 11, 2015|1 min read

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You might remember our friends at Planted (formerly Lynxsy) from our blog post 24 job search websites you should be using and their guest post Startup Careers 101: Roles for non-technical backgrounds. If you don’t remember Planted, get to know them: their goal is to match recent grads with non-technical roles at startups, and they’re doing a pretty good job of it.

If you’re a recent graduate, you might not have too much experience with writing resumes. Planted’s recent blog post, What to Leave Off of Your Resume, aims to help you with some of the dos and don’ts. For example: don’t list high school accomplishments. Being a member of the Thespian Society was cool in 12th grade (well, maybe not exactly "cool"), but no one needs to know about it four or five years later.

Another important thing to leave off? Lies, even lies of omission. If you get a job under false pretenses, you can get fired months or even years later. It doesn’t matter how high up you are - just ask former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson. No me digas que puedes hablar espanol con fluidez si solamente has tomado un curso introductorio.

Lies are bad on insurance forms, too. Lie to an insurance company during the application process and you can see your insurance policy canceled if they ever find out.

Read the full blog post at Planted for all of their resume writing tips.

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Blog author Policygenius