Weekend Reads: Busted budgets, subprime pants, and Instagram

by Colin Lalley
Weekend Reads: Busted budgets, subprime pants, and Instagram

In this week's Weekend Read: Three simple steps to take when you inevitably blow your budget, watching out for the brand new subprime crisis, and what makes Instagram so pleasant (besides all the beach pics).

The Wild Wong
You’ve Blown Your Budget. Here’s What to Do Next

You did it! You made a budget! You used a spreadsheet or an app or stuffed envelopes full of cash! …Aaaaaaand now it’s busted, just like that. Great. You should never try to budget again because what’s the point. Ha no jk, don’t let one broken budget ruin everything. It sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. But just like you made a plan to start a budget, you need a plan to fix it. Personal finance expert extraordinaire Kristin Wong gives three simple tips for making sure you get back on track and don’t repeat the mistakes of a wild weekend.

The Outline
You can now buy $400 pants with a subprime loan

Hey so remember when people were buying houses they couldn’t afford and then the world economy crashed? Yeah, you remember. Anyway, we’re back at it again, except this time instead of subprime mortgages being sold to baby boomers it’s $400 pants being sold to millennials. Affirm is willing to sell anything from pants to Casper mattresses to young people for the low low interest rate of 30 percent. Before you settle on a 12-month installment plan for jeans, read The Outline’s profile of Affirm so you don’t get stuck with a huge bill.

The Atlantic
'Link in Bio' Keeps Instagram Nice

Anyone who’s used Instagram has seen the infamous “link in bio!” note. Instagram is a bit of an outlier in the world of social media: Most platforms make it easy to connect, but Instagram adds just a little bit of friction. It’s also a much more pleasant place than Facebook and Twitter for the most part. Coincidence? Maybe. Or, as argued at The Atlantic, it’s part of the design.