The 10 best posts of 2015

by Policygenius
The 10 best posts of 2015

We've gathered our most read and shared posts from the past year into one awesome list. Discover the best personal finance podcasts, how to invest your spare change, marijuana's effect on your life insurance rates, the strange allure of a Japanese cat collecting game, and more.

#1: Uber and Lyft drivers now have insurance options

The insurance gap that has haunted Uber and Lyft is starting to get covered. Find out if rideshare insurance is available for you.

#2: Beware of spare change investments

When you're investing pennies, how much is too much when it comes to fees? We look into spare change investing.

#3: 17 news podcasts to keep you informed

Stay informed and form an opinion with these excellent news podcasts.

#4: Is long-term disability insurance worth it?

Here are all the facts about long-term disability insurance so you can decide if it’s right for you.

#5: Why am I obsessed with this Japanese cat game?

We look into Neko Atsume, or "collecting cats" in English, the new Japanese cat game taking the internet by storm.

#6: Is cell phone insurance worth the price?

If your cell phone broke or was lost tomorrow, could you pay out of pocket to replace it? Do insurance policies help? We investigate.

#7: Getting high on insurance: how marijuana impacts life insurance rates

Do life insurance companies see marijuana use as risky? We reveal how marijuana use affects your life insurance premiums.

#8: 9 best podcasts about money

You probably make money. These podcasts can tell you how to budget, invest, and hide your doubloons in treasure chests.

#9: Wait, I'm supposed to tip my Uber driver?

Uber says you don't have to tip their drivers. That doesn't stop the driver from thinking you're a huge jerk.

#10: 5 reasons why I'm returning my Apple Watch

Two weeks after I first strapped on Apple's latest gadget, I've decided that I'm returning my Apple Watch.

Bonus Hits!

Those are the 10 best posts of 2015, but here are 5 more of our best read and most shared posts that didn't make the cut because they were published in 2014. Enjoy!

The insurance secret that Uber doesn't want you to know

Uber says it simply brings together passengers and third-party drivers. So who pays when there’s an accident?

Dental insurance vs dental discount plans compared

We compared the two to see how much they’d save us over the course of a year.

Is Simple bank as simple as they claim?

Simple Bank claims to be an "anti-bank," but is it as good as they claim? We test the service and compare it to traditional banks and other online banks.

Long-term disability vs short-term disability explained

Long term disability and short term disability explained: what it is, how it works, and whether you need it.

Everything you wanted to know about insurance agents

Who can sell you insurance and how are they paid? PolicyGenius breaks it down for you and explains how insurance agents and brokers work.