This simple checklist can help families file their taxes

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Published February 1, 2019|1 min read

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Tax season is here! You now have until April 15 to file your tax returns. But, before sitting down to crunch last year's numbers, it's important to get organized.

Obtaining all the forms you need ahead of time will expedite the process — and eliminate the chance of forgetting something when you send your paperwork to the Internal Revenue Service.

Not sure where to begin? This simple checklist outlines what most families need to file their taxes. It's easy to use — you can download it here, and simply check off each box when you've found or filled out the necessary forms. Once you have everything in order, go ahead and square up with Uncle Sam.

Small steps can make common financial tasks, like filing taxes, much less painless. If you’re looking for more easy money tips each week, sign up for our newsletter.

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