Is a fancy toilet paper subscription a big waste (of money?)

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Published September 18, 2019|2 min read

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This is the latest edition of our series, Lifetime Subscriber. From clothes to food to vitamins, we review popular subscription services and decide if they’re worth the price.

No. 2 isn’t just any old paper. The subscription service offers 100% bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo grows faster than other sources of paper, making it more environmentally friendly. No. 2 also claims to have no “butt crumble,” which is what the company calls “the unwanted gifts those other papers leave behind when you wipe.”

Is it worth paying extra for fancy toilet paper, delivered right to your door? Here’s what I thought.

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How No. 2 works

No. 2 comes in cartons of 24 rolls of toilet paper. The company’s website offers a quiz to figure out how much toilet paper you’ll need for the month. Prepare to answer plenty of personal questions on your bathroom hygiene, including where you typically go number two and how much toilet paper you use.

After completing the quiz, No. 2 told me I needed two cartons, or 48 rolls. The toilet paper came a week later in a large cardboard box. Each roll came with its own stylish pattern as a cover.

How much No. 2 costs

Costs vary depending on what type of subscription you get. A carton is $34. While there are no bulk discounts, customers can get 3% off if they subscribe on a weekly basis. Subscriptions can last for up to 12 weeks.

No. 2 review

The presentation of No. 2 toilet paper was fantastic. The patterned covers on each roll made them stylish and presentable. My roommates and I kept them on a shelf above our toilet, as a decorative addition to our primarily white bathroom.

As for the quality, No. 2 toilet paper was disappointing. It was difficult to pull apart and was thin for higher-priced toilet paper. The paper was a little bit too rough for what I preferred.

I brought a roll into work for my co-workers to try, and the sentiment was more or less the same.

Is No. 2 worth it?

Like other subscription services, No. 2 caters to a consumer focused on environmentally friendly products and willing to spend a little extra for style and sustainability. My favorite aspect of No. 2 was the wrapping, which added elegance to our bathroom and made toilet paper look attractive, for once.

But paying more for such a frequently replaced household item would definitely add up over time.

A regular 24-pack of toilet paper is roughly half the price of No. 2. While I liked the environmental mission of the company, the quality doesn’t justify the cost.

While I will miss having a pyramid of fancy toilet paper sitting on my shelf, it’s not a splurge worth making.

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