My pet insurance policy mentions routine care and wellness. What does that mean?

by PolicyGenius Admin

Routine care and wellness refers to all vet care and procedures to prevent illness and keep your pet healthy. This usually includes: spaying and neutering, annual checkups, vaccinations, flea & tick control, heartworm medication, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, and microchipping. These are almost always excluded from pet insurance coverage. We think that's a fair exclusion. Why do we think that? These are the types of costs you should expect as a responsible pet owner. They're predictable (meaning you can budget for them) and are usually not outrageously expensive. Many pet insurance companies offer am optional policy add-on to cover a portion of these costs (usually called a wellness policy rider). However, we think your money is better spent on getting a more robust policy for unpredictable illnesses and injuries (over a wellness option, we'd choose instead: a higher reimbursement rate, a lower deductible or a higher payout limit).