Money pro tips: A Q&A with financial adviser Mike Desepoli




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Published February 7, 2020|1 min read

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Each week, we ask a personal finance or business expert for their money pro tips. This week we talked to Mike Desepoli, financial adviser and vice president of Heritage Financial Advisory Group. Want more money pro tips? Sign up for the Easy Money newsletter to get exclusive tips from money experts in your inbox each Friday.

Last thing you resisted buying? New golf shoes

How did you resist it? I practice a trick called the 30-day rule to fight the urge to splurge.

Last thing you splurged on: A new car

Why’d you OK the splurge? I spend a lot of time driving so a vehicle is important to me. I also held on to my last one for four years and saved money in the process.

Money things you’re most proud of: Being debt free

A money regret: No regrets, only lessons learned.

Best financial advice you ever got: Always make sure your money is working as hard as you are.

Biggest real estate money mistake you see people make: Buying more house than they can afford and never being able to save money as a result.

If you could buy a home anywhere, where would it be? Meadow Lane, Southampton, New York

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Blog author Policygenius