Meet the PolicyGenius Team: Operations Edition

by Policygenius
Meet the PolicyGenius Team: Operations Edition

I know what you're thinking: "Hey, don't you PolicyGeniuses already have a Team page?" You'd be correct, but that's speed dating compared to this romantic dinner. Or, since we're talking about insurance, an unromantic dinner. But, as our team page says, we're the people who aren't bored by insurance pricing models and think about how you think about insurance all day. Literally, all day. Like, it's our jobs.
This time on Meet the PolicyGenius Team, get to know our operations team. If you've ever bought a policy from us, you probably already know at least one of these insurance experts. Plus, meet the people who make this whole thing work.
meet the team Bill Bounds policy genius

Bill Bounds

Where he’s from: Atlanta, Georgia
What he’s done: Bounds Consulting (my own business) and Director of Support at MailChimp
What he’s doing at PolicyGenius: Chief Operating Officer
Why he’s excited to work at PolicyGenius: With PolicyGenius there are lots of teams and processes that need to grow quickly, and that's always exciting because there are so many possibilities. So many ways to help people find the path that works for them and to get everything working together as a well oiled machine. I can't think of anything more gratifying.

otis boone meet the team policygenius

Otis Boone

Where he’s from: Fair Oaks (Sacramento), California
What he’s done: Medicare Sales, Independent Insurance Agent, Group Account Management
What he’s doing at PolicyGenius: Managing clients and writing informative and witty insurance insider posts
Why he’s excited to work at PolicyGenius: I get to finally complain about the L train regularly, and work with some brilliant people.

beth koscianski policygenius meet the team

Elizabeth (Beth) Koscianski

Where she’s from: Annapolis, Maryland
What she’s done: Got my BA and Master’s at Sarah Lawrence. My Master’s thesis focused on military logistics. Started off working in film production operations/logistics, then transitioned to a position as chief of staff for a small think-tank.
What she’s doing at PolicyGenius: Operations! Officially, Operations Associate. A very small portion of my job (no, I did not slog through getting a Bachelors and a Masters just so I could be in charge of making sure people’s blood sugar doesn’t dip too low in the afternoon) is office management — which means answering people’s questions, ordering supplies, managing our space requirements, onboarding, etc. The main portion of my job is to help with business management. Now that Bill is here, I will be reporting to him, and our job will be to improve the operations of a number of things including systems for our Agents, Partner Operations, Customer Care, and Analytics and Business Reporting.
Why she’s excited to work at PolicyGenius: One word: "growth" . For someone who’s in to operations and logistics, the most exciting place you can work is at a business that’s growing. There is a lot to do, and a ton to learn, and when it’s a business that’s being managed by people who are as great at Jen and Fran, it’s even better.

manav kohli policygenius meet the team

Manav Kohli

Where he’s from: Long Island, New York.
What he’s done: I recently graduated from St. John's University. Used to work at Verizon Wireless before PG.
What he’s doing at PolicyGenius: I'm a licensed life insurance agent and client services manager.
Why he’s excited to work at PolicyGenius: I love working for PolicyGenius because of the potential for organic growth.