PolicyGenius: we’re hoping to turn some heads

by Jennifer Fitzgerald
PolicyGenius: we’re hoping to turn some heads

Insurance. It’s boring to even type it. And it brings to mind unpleasant topics like death, accidents and illness. So thanks, brave reader, for staying with us this far.

Insurance seems like a boring area for a startup. But once we started to unpack the problem with insurance, we got inspired. Instead of being red flags, the boringness and unpleasantness of insurance were calls to action. "Please, somebody, try to make this better!" So here we are with PolicyGenius.

At PolicyGenius, we’re rethinking insurance from the consumer’s perspective to solve the biggest pain points:

  • A broken decision-making process – most people know they should have some insurance but put off the decision, buy the wrong coverage, and so on. This has created a massive insurance gap in America: for example, life insurance ownership is at its lowest level in 50 years. Underinsurance leads to all sorts of bad outcomes – bankruptcies, home foreclosures, unsustainable debt – which we’ll explore further in this blog.

  • A customer experience stuck in the internet stone ages (i.e., the 1990s) – insurance is the worst online area of your financial life. Some insurance (like car insurance and term life insurance) is better than others. But you generally have to go to different sites for different products (unlike investing & retirement). There's a lot of info and confusing jargon thrown at you. And those generic stock photos everywhere:

Insurance advice

"Good news! This insurance policy is specially designed for attractive couples!"

At PolicyGenius, we want to ruffle some feathers in insurance and change all this. Our goal is to help people make the right insurance decisions. We want to be more academic and less ‘salesy.’ And we’ll strive to deliver a superior online experience – with the occasional owl pun.

We look forward to starting this journey with you! Stay tuned for updates as we launch new decision tools!