I enjoy rock climbing, skydiving, racing, etc. Can I have this hobby excluded from my life insurance policy to reduce my premium?


Most insurers no longer let you exclude a hobby or avocation from your life insurance policy. This means if you enjoy participating in certain high-risk activities like rock climbing or skydiving, you may be charged a flat extra fee in addition to your base premium. This fee is usually priced as an extra x number of dollars per $1,000 of coverage.

If you do participate in a high-risk avocation, here are some tips for finding the best price.

  • Go through a broker instead of calling insurers or their agents directly.

  • Shop around, because insurers differ in how they determine an avocation's risk.

  • Contact a trade group or membership organization for your avocation to see whether they have any recommendations. These groups sometimes partner with insurers to obtain lower rates for their members.