For my renters insurance, how do I prepare an inventory of my belongings?


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Published April 21, 2015|2 min read

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Here are some great tips on how to quickly create a comprehensive inventory of your property.

1. Choose an inventory app or service

You can use a simple spreadsheet program, or one of the free services below.



Please note that we don't officially endorse or guarantee any of the services listed here. You may also find similar free inventory services on some insurer websites.

Tip! If your chosen inventory service doesn't export images, be sure to save a copy of them separately.

2. Document everything

• Go room to room in your home and make an entry for each item.

• Take photos as you go.

• Shoot close-up photos (or write down) any serial numbers.

• If you know the original cost of the item, include it.

• It's also a good idea to shoot an accompanying video walk-through. Just be sure to stop briefly at each item so that the video is easy to follow.

3. Add the current value of each item

For most things on your list, you can shop online to find what it would cost today to purchase an identical or similar item. Add that to each inventory entry.

For unique or expensive items (such as jewelry or family heirlooms), have them appraised.

4. Add all receipts, appraisal reports, and other proof of ownership.

Include photographs or scans of these with your inventory. Store the paper versions with your other important documents for future reference.

5. Save copy of inventory off-site

Make sure you have a full copy of everything stored outside of your home, so that you can still access it no matter what happens.

6. Update your inventory every 6 months

The six month period is just a recommendation, but you should regularly update your inventory so that it's always accurate.

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