Attending Physician Statement (APS)

Published July 21, 2015|1 min read

If an underwriter decides it's necessary to take a closer look at your health, either because of something you disclosed on the application or because of the results of your paramedical exam, then he or she will request a written summary of your medical history from your doctor or hospital. This document is called an APS, or "attending physician statement."You don't pay for the APS, but it's expensive and time consuming for the insurer, which is why an APS is only requested when the underwriter sees a need for it. An APS can slow down a life insurance application considerably because it may take your physician days to weeks to find the time to complete it, and it requires extra work on the part of the underwriter to go through it.

An APS might be requested during an application for life insurance or long-term disability insurance.The APS is sent directly from your health care provider to the insurance underwriter. It is private health information protected by HIPAA.

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