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Published March 11, 2015|3 min read

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If you’re reading this, you probably make money. Besides your nine-to-five, you may also have investments, property, gold doubloons, and a slew of financial questions. While we love reading personal finance blogs (and writing personal finance advice), blogs aren’t always convenient. That’s a problem podcasts can solve. You can listen to a podcast while doing almost anything - washing dishes, driving to work, riding your bike.We put together this list of the 9 best podcasts about money, split into three groups: personal finance, investing, and big picture. Together, they’ll give you a comprehensive financial education, all without costing you a dime. Your wallet will thank us later.Don’t know how to listen to a podcast? Check out our simple instructions.

Personal Finance

WSJ Watching Your WalletTips and tricks from Jennifer Kushinka and the Wall Street Journal on how to stretch your dollar. Short and easily digestible, these podcasts are perfect for busy people looking for small bits of financial reeducation.

You Need A BudgetYou Need A Budget is a powerful personal budgeting app. It’s also a philosophy and a method, both of which are explored in their weekly personal finance podcast hosted by Jesse Mecham. Their goal is to change the way you think about money, one episode at a time.

Listen Money Matters"Not your father’s boring finance show," say the hosts, Andrew and Thomas. Listen Money Matters bills itself as a raw, honest, and uncensored money podcast. Want a personal finance podcast that doesn’t double as a sleep aid? Listen Money Matters is it.


Money Tree Investing PodcastThe best part of this podcast are the panelists that host every show. Each panelist is an expert in a different field, such as small business finances, and their differing opinions create well-rounded discussions. If you’re tired of one-sided advice podcasts, Money Tree Investing is the cure to your ails.

The Investors Podcast"We study billionaires and the books they read," write the hosts of the Investing Podcast, Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen. It’s an accurate thesis statement - each episode either features an interview about an important investing topic, an interview with someone about a famous investor, or an executive summary of a book.

Motley Fool MoneyA big picture look at the business world with some investing advice on the side. Helpful and entertaining, Motley Fool Money features a team of analysts who are experts in their fields. How will the markets affect you? Motley Fool Money has your answer.

Big Picture

Slate MoneySlate is one of the prolific podcast producers today, so it makes sense that they have a weekly money podcast. Focused on the most important business and finance news of the week, Slate Money is a good for keeping up with the larger financial world. Hosted by well-regarded financial journalist Felix Salmon.

EconTalkSerious economics talk talked about seriously. This weekly podcast has been running for almost a decade with no sign of stopping. Host Russ Roberts usually interviews a guest every episode and has interviewed nine Nobel Prize winners to date.

Marketplace PodcastsYou might know the Marketplace radio program, produced by American Public Media. Not only can you get the Marketplace show as a podcast, but you can get their suite of other shows, including web-only podcasts. You can subscribe to individual shows or to an all-in-one feed with every one of their shows.

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