The 14 best baby apps

by Kaleigh Steinorth
The 14 best baby apps

Being in charge of a little human’s well-being alters the way you see the world. All of a sudden, there is a brand new crying and hungry bundle of joy at the center of your sleep-deprived universe, and if you've never done it before, it can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, we live in an era where if there's a problem, there's probably an app to help solve it. We've collected 15 of the best baby apps for new moms and moms-to-be below, covering everything from all-inclusive baby tracking to helping you find a public bathroom.

Best Apps for Expecting Moms


The Bump Pregnancy: Comprehensively track your pregnancy

  • Tracks your pregnancy week-by-week, and offers articles, Q&As and community posts based on that week
  • Includes checklists based on the week of your pregnancy
  • Sends updates about your baby’s size by comparing it to a similarly sized fruit.


SitorSquat: For when you really have to go

  • Uses your location to find available public restrooms near you
  • Add public restrooms as you come across them and bookmark your favorites


Baby Bump: Monitor and record all changes

Note: Baby Bump announced that they were shutting down in May 2018.

  • Tracks weight and waist measurements and alerts you of common cravings and bodily changes based on how far along you are
  • Displays a schematic embryo of your baby each week
  • Offers community message boards to ask questions and learn


Full Term - Labor Contraction Timer: Track your contractions

  • Press a single button to mark the start and end of each contraction
  • Specify intensity and add notes to each contraction
  • Email contractions to your health professional from the app


What to Expect: A mobile companion to the book

  • Personalized week-by-week updates and fetal development pictures
  • Health tips and parenting news based on stages of development
  • Share photos and advice with other community members and schedule meet-ups with other expecting moms

Best Apps for New Moms


Baby Connect: Track all of your baby’s needs in one place

  • Monitor daily information: diapers, feeding (pump schedule, solid and liquid foods), sleep, moods, medicine and activities
  • Will graph, chart and list data
  • Several users can be authorized for each baby, so parents and caregivers can synthesize their data


Baby Monitor 3G: Use two iOS devices to keep your baby safe

  • Has an unlimited reach because it uses a network connection
  • Uses adjustable settings and a vibration alarm so you know when your baby is awake
  • Allows you to calm your baby remotely by speaking through the app


Mom Maps: Find mom-recommended places to play

  • Search a list of parks, museums, playgrounds, indoor play areas and restaurants reviewed by parents
  • Bookmark and save locations you like
  • Great for vacationing families and learning of new places in your area

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Baby MedBasics: Learn how to handle a medical emergency

  • Created by a doctor who saved his baby from choking
  • Clear illustrations and instructions to help you during a health emergency
  • Also includes information on rashes and allergies


iBreastfeed 2: Everything you need to know to feed your baby

  • Extensive information on breastfeeding and pumping tips, storage guidelines and breastfeeding benefits
  • Create a profile for your baby to track feeding, pumping, diaper changes and sleeping
  • Find feeding- and pumping-friendly areas near you


MagicSleep: Helping you and your baby get some sleep

  • Helps you fall asleep faster and more deeply
  • Recreates sounds from inside of the womb
  • The app boasts it can help adults fall asleep in 15 minutes or less


Growth: Track your baby’s growth

  • Charts your baby’s growth over time
  • Matches height and weight with data from the World Health Organization, US CDC and Fenton 2003 to show your baby’s percentiles
  • Export the data from the app to a JPEG, PDF or CSV


Baby Stimulation: High Contrast Patterns and Shapes: Stimulate your baby’s vision

  • Helps newborns develop vision
  • Variety of black, white and red images available
  • A slide-show with sound effects are also available


The Wonder Weeks: Understand your baby’s development in the first 20 months

  • Alerts you when your baby is about to make a leap in mental development
  • Explains how your baby’s brain is developing after that leap and what they can understand and learn
  • Creates a personalized calendar for your baby

Photo: Steve Paine