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Well, this is ambitious

We’re inspired daily by our simple mission: to get people the insurance coverage they need and make them feel good about it. That translates into a pretty simple test for our success. But what’s not so simple is our swing-for-the-fences vision, which is to completely change the American mindset about insurance. We want insurance to be as commonplace as smartphones, to be second nature when someone rents an apartment or starts their career.

Cool. So how do we get there?

By building a high-performing and values-driven organization. Even before we officially discussed them, it was clear these values were driving our early decisions:

Do the right thing for people

» This goes beyond getting people to protect themselves against risk to creating an all-around awesome experience. This includes a thoughtful focus on product design, unbiased advice and customer service.

Focus on education and the rest will follow

» Unlike the rest of the insurance industry, we don’t think people need to be sold insurance by an agent. We think people need to be educated about insurance and they’ll sell themselves. That’s why we’ve put a lot of energy into creating the best content library and decision support tools out there. That’s why we’ll deliver a straightforward answer to any question that comes our way (even if it probably won’t result in a sale, because it’s the right thing to do).

Push ourselves to be exceptional

» At Policygenius, we have a growth mindset. That applies to ourselves, our organization and the insurance industry. We’re tackling the tough problems no one else is. The world doesn’t need another Kayak-like engine for car insurance. But it does need an answer for the life and disability coverage gap. We’re building a case for the old-fashioned, behemoth insurance industry to do things better. And we’re having fun doing it.