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Policygenius Team

Meet our Founders

Picture of Jennifer Fitzgerald

Jennifer Fitzgerald

Founder & CEO

This one time I...touched Jon Bon Jovi's hair.

Picture of Francois de Lame

Francois de Lame

Founder & Chief Product Officer

This one time I...went on safari wearing an animal costume.

Meet our leadership

Picture of Bill Shepherd

Bill Shepherd

Chief Financial Officer

This one time I...had four kids born in three different cities in less than 6 years.

Picture of Dave Kaplan

Dave Kaplan

Chief Technology Officer

This one time I...was brought on stage to drink Jameson at a Shilelagh Law concert because the band spotted me yawning in the crowd.

Picture of Justin Ternullo

Justin Ternullo

Chief Design Officer

This one time I...fell during a live TV dance performance in front of 6 million viewers.

Picture of David Sandler

David Sandler

General Counsel

This one time I...sailed with a high school singing group from island to island around the Caribbean for performances.

Picture of Frank Kumpuris

Frank Kumpuris

SVP, Life Operations

This one time I...danced the hula on stage in front of 200 people.

Picture of Kevin Fusick

Kevin Fusick

SVP, Finance

This one time I...raised dairy goats as a hobby.

Picture of Maya Gumennik

Maya Gumennik

Head of Marketing

This one time I...sipped spiked hot chocolate while watching an Inca dress competition in Ollantaytambo, Peru.

Picture of Chad Angle

Chad Angle

VP of Sales, Life Operations

This one time locked in a maximum security prison in Argentina. At least I had four men in full riot gear to escort me around.

Picture of Daniel Gremmell

Daniel Gremmell

Head of Data

This one time I...built a shed with my wife. It was that moment that I learned we surprisingly work well together...

Picture of Jeannie Kim

Jeannie Kim

VP of Content

This one time I...used to be in a rock band. (The bathroom at CBGB was exactly as disgusting as legend tells.)

Picture of Jim Barrett

Jim Barrett

Head of CRM

This one time I...was hiking in Alaska through thick brush when I heard a loud noise to my left. Was it a bear? I will never know, because I went right. It added several hours to the solo hike, but curiosity has to be put in context.

Picture of Keith DuFresne

Keith DuFresne

VP of Product Design

This one time I...ended up in a Kentucky speakeasy and someone bought me a $2,000 shot of bourbon.

Picture of Megan Pittman

Megan Pittman

VP of People

This one time I...broke my arm while doing the hokey-pokey on ice skates.

Picture of Vipul Patel

Vipul Patel

Head of Strategy & Business Operations

This one time I...found out someone was sneaking into my apartment on a daily basis but it took me a year to figure it out - so way more than "this one time!”