Aug. 2018 — Policygenius ( was recently alerted of a phishing scam where individuals claiming to be Policygenius insurance brokers were selling fake insurance policies using email addresses that appeared to come from Policygenius. We identified that the emails originate from either or However, additional domain variations may have been used.

We understand that this is a serious issue and are doing everything we can to prevent these individuals from continuing to sell fake policies under the Policygenius name. We have taken all necessary action to shut down the fraudulent site and its associated email addresses. We have also contacted all relevant law enforcement and consumer protection agencies.

For anyone affected by this scam, we recommend that you first contact the insurance company to verify the status of your policies. If your insurer can’t identify your policies, we also recommend that you notify your financial institution and stop payment on the affected policies. You may also wish to freeze your credit and alert your local authorities of any incident affecting you.

We don’t take what happened lightly and we know how frustrating this must be for the consumers who were affected. Unfortunately, scams like these are increasingly common. The first step to protecting yourself is identifying who is contacting you. Any email from Policygenius will only come from “”

Policygenius will continue to do all that it can to prevent any similar incidents from happening again.