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Company FAQs

How are we different from other insurance sites?

First, a lot of insurance sites are lead generators—meaning they’ll capture your information (like a request for a quote) and sell that to multiple insurance brokers/agents who’ll try to sell you. We don’t do that. Second, most insurance sites don’t provide a great user experience. They don’t make it easy to comparison shop and understand what you’re buying. The sites are poorly designed and filled with poorly written content. If they don’t confuse you to death, they bore you to death. That’s not how we do things. Everything we do is designed to deliver a great experience. We’ve devoted a lot of energy to designing an easy-to-navigate site, creating helpful tools and writing engaging content. After you give our site a spin, we think you’ll agree.

What do we do?

Policygenius and our advisers are licensed insurance brokers. Our licenses authorize Policygenius and our advisers to discuss with prospective purchasers the benefits, terms and conditions of insurance contracts; offer advice and recommendations on the benefits of particular insurance contracts; sell insurance; and obtain insurance for purchasers. Our role in any particular transaction typically involves one or more of these activities.

How do we make money?

We’re an insurance broker, so we get paid a commission by insurance companies for each sale. Insurance commissions are already baked into the price of an insurance policy, so you’re not paying any extra for using our service (or any broker’s service for that matter). We understand that getting a commission on a sale introduces a potential conflict of interest. But we don't push or give preference to any one insurer over another because of the commission. Our compensation on any particular purchase may vary depending on a number of factors, including the type and size of product, the insurer, and the volume of business we have with an insurer. If you want to know what commission we'd earn on any insurance product you see on this site, just ask us. We'll be glad to tell you.

Are we licensed?

Yes—all insurance brokers are required by law to be licensed in each state they do business. You can find our licenses here.

Are we affiliated with any insurance companies?

No—we’re an independent broker. That means we can offer insurance products from several different companies. There are also what’s called “captive” agents, who only offer products from their specific insurance company (like Farmers, Northwestern Mutual or State Farm).

Can we get you a cheaper price for insurance?

No—but neither can anyone else. Insurance rate tables and premiums are filed with and regulated by your state's department of insurance. That means you pay the same price for a given insurance company’s product, wherever you buy it from. For example, a term life insurance policy from Company X will cost the same for you if you buy it from us or another broker. The exception to this is pet insurance, where we've negotiated exclusive discounts with the pet insurance companies on our platform. However, where we can get you a better price is by offering products from multiple insurance companies. One company might have more competitive pricing for your particular case; that’s the advantage of working through an independent broker.

How do we choose which insurance companies to work with?

First, we only consider insurance companies that are reputable and have sound financial ratings. After that, we select based on the ease of doing business with them. That means, we work with companies that:

  • Will work through an independent broker
  • Are comfortable with our online-based model of engaging with customers
  • Make it easy for us to provide a great shopping experience to our customers (e.g., by providing access to real-time quoting, accepting electronic applications, etc.)

Do we work with businesses or just individuals?

We work with both! Our educational tools are designed for individual users, but we can customize for employers who want to distribute them to their employees. We complement the benefit offering at a company with financial education tools and access to individual products.

Who can I speak to if I have questions?

A licensed Policygenius expert is available to help with your questions. Email us at team@policygenius.com.