Introducing the Policygenius 2019 ad campaign

Policygenius is excited to announce the launch of our 2019 ad campaign: "Our insurance website compares theirs."

Where to find it

Policygenius kicked off the year with our second-annual out-of-home campaign, with digital assets online and in five major cities: New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.

The 10-week out-of-home campaign includes:

  • Station domination and subway train takeovers in NYC and D.C.

  • Superking buses in D.C. and L.A.

  • Billboards in L.A.

  • Street-level kiosks in San Francisco

  • Digital signs in elevator and lobby units in Chicago

The ads highlight our life insurance product and newly-launched auto and home insurance products.

Campaign concept

We wanted to visualize the value that Policygenius offers to busy consumers — saving both time and money by making things easy. Comparing quotes from many insurance websites is now as simple as pushing a button.

Portraying a digital service is always a challenge, and for this campaign, we wanted to go beyond the standard "app on a phone" imagery. We worked with the incredible team at The Mill to create a set of six mechanisms, each visualizing our simple cause and effect price comparison in a different way.

The digital animation ads

The ads in the wild

NYC Barclays Turnstiles5

DC UnionSt 2Sheeter LifeA

DC Buses

DC UnionSt 2Sheeter Home

DC Buses2

DC UnionSt 2Sheeter Auto

DC UnionSt 2Sheeter Lucky

LA Billboard1

LA Billboard2

NYC Barclays 2Sheet 3Count

NYC Barclays 2Sheet LifeB

NYC Barclays BannerAuto

NYC Barclays BannerBrand2

NYC Barclays Corridor

NYC Barclays Turnstiles2

NYC Barclays Turnstiles4NYC Barclays BannerLuckyYou

The creative team behind the campaign

Policygenius In-House Creative Team

Founder & CEO: Jennifer Fitzgerald

Founder & Chief Product Officer: Francois De Lame

Chief Design Officer: Justin Ternullo

Head of Marketing: Jonathan Metrick

Director of Product Marketing: Matt Byrd

Product Marketing Manager: Kristen Ong

Creative Director: John Downing

Senior Art Director: Stephen Icardi

Executive Producer: Samuel Cosby

Motion Designer: Daniel Zvereff

Production: The Mill

Chief Creative Officer: Angus Kneale

Director: Matt Whitewood

Animation/Design: James Van Den Elshout, Anton Woll Soder

Executive Producer: Christina Thompson, Heath Raymond

Producer: Joaqui Lopez

Production Coordinator: Mimi Milligan

Want to know more?

For more information about the campaign, you can email Senior Media Relations Manager Brooke Niemeyer at

Want to join the team?

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